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E-280 type single,double,three sides labeling machine.

Device description


■ Can stick the bottle of the single side,double side and three sides,flat bottles single side,double side,round bottles single side,double side.Using range is wide,wide applicability.
■ Using the spring pressure on the buffer mechanism,and conveyer belt.Ensure the pressure,and labeling bottles not tilt.
■ Use imported well-known brand servo motor,the speed,high precision and godd stability.
■ Different material tag labeling not no bubbles to crinkel.
■ Universal wide Angle adjustment mechanism,applicable to all kinds of taper bottle.

Equipment parameters

Labeling speed Labeling accuracy The length of the label The total power Electrical source Gas source Overall dimensions The total weight
0-300 Bottle/min ±1mm 30-350mm 3.5KW 220V,50Hz 0.5MPa 2800*1650*1750mm