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ZT-580 fully automatic system

Device description

■ This equipment is mainly used to heat the PVC and other plastic film after forming into varous specifications of the box,the box to production for pakaging,ampoules,oral liquid,schering bottles,small round bottle of cassette bottle and other kinds of specifications.
■ Rolling to preheat,forming porcess:forming test-punching-product-the attachment
■ System supporting institutions according to the customer request production of various kinds of specifications of the box,the mould replacement can be.
■ Forming and cutting action were completed by two servo motors,forming and cutting of the box,process control is more flexible and convenient.
■ Can realize the seamless connection equipment stop,start,action,was suspended for a period of time to restart the device,won't produce cost,cost savings.
■ Any abnormal man-machine touch human-machine interface,display and troubleshooting,operation is simple,anyone can easily operate quickly using this equipment.
■ More emergency stop button can be in place on production line equipped with emergency stop button to make the attachment safety operation,production smoothly.
■ Adopt world famous electric components,stable quality.
■ Packing materials:PVC plate lap(meet GB5663)(0.22-0.45mm thick)*580 mm paper tube diameter is 75mm(width)

The biggest molding area Forming cutting efficiency The total gas consumption Air supply The total power Electrical source Overall dimensions The total weight
125*580mm 20-25times/min 30L/min 0.6-0.8mpa 6KW 220V,50Hz 3460*1140*1790mm